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Freedom Planet Review (Wii U)


Update: Due to the discovery of a critical bug that can cause retail consoles to freeze, GalaxyTrail has delayed the Wii U release of Freedom Planet until it is free of software issues. The developers have been very open and honest about this process, and have let us know that they would rather spend the extra time debugging than release a buggy game to consumers. Due to the nature of the bug, I was able to mitigate the problem in a way that did not affect normal gameplay, and as such I feel confident enough to judge the game as it will be once the bug is fixed. When the final release version is made available to us, I will spend more time with it and update this review if necessary.

Freedom Planet, the first effort from new studio GalaxyTrail, is a throwback character platformer that started life as a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame, but quickly grew into something much bigger. An original world, original characters, and original content were all created for the project, and the result was compelling enough to find success on Kickstarter. Now the game is coming to Wii U, but how does it hold up to the influx of other indie titles arriving on Nintendo’s platform? Continue reading Freedom Planet Review (Wii U)

Yomi Review (PC)


Are you interested in fighting games, but don’t have the time or dexterity to compete at the highest levels? Or do you simply want to dive deep into the genre’s characteristic strategy and mind games without worrying about executing perfect combos and special moves? If so, you might be interested in a card game called Yomi, from Sirlin Games. Designed by a competitive Street Fighter veteran, the game simulates a one-on-one martial arts duel between two colorful characters. Now, Steam users have the opportunity to join the fight — but is it worth the price of admission? Continue reading Yomi Review (PC)

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Review (Vita)


Last year saw the release of Deception IV: Blood Ties, a somewhat puzzly action RPG with an unusual premise: instead of attacking your enemies, you lay traps for them to walk into. Much like another Koei Tecmo title, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, the game has been rereleased with some new content in order to get it on the PS4, with Vita and PS3 getting digital releases. This new version, Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess, features an extensive new campaign with a new main character, but is it worth buying the game again? Continue reading Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Review (Vita)