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Nintendo NX to “Surprise Players”

Nintendo recently hinted at its next-generation console, codenamed NX. We know nothing about it, other than the assumption that it will play Mario games. Well, now thanks to an interview with Nikkei, we know… slightly more than nothing.

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Puzzle & Dragons Mario Bundle to Release on May 22nd

Nintendo has announced that Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition will be launching on May 22nd, with a free demo to be released earlier in the month. Continue reading Puzzle & Dragons Mario Bundle to Release on May 22nd

Shovel Knight Plushie Coming Later this Month

Last year, we were graced with Shovel Knight, an excellent retro platformer starring a dashing knight who fights with a shovel instead of a sword. Yesterday, we found out that a free DLC update will be given to owners of the game. And now, even more shovely goodness is headed our way with a Shovel Knight plush.

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More Than The Score – The Sequel

In a dramatic return, Brian and Matt get their talk on as they welcome Lucy Pallent, Benjamin Luthi and Adam Leonard to the podcast to talk about The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Evolve. No spoilers. Just reviews.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review


The Monster Hunter series has been a runaway hit in Japan for several years, and now it has started to gain a large following in North America and Europe. The latest entry, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, has finally made its way to Nintendo 3DS owners outside of Japan. So has it been worth the wait? Continue reading Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review

Twitch Plays Pokemon Returns!

This time last year, a channel on Twitch created something of a phenomenon. It was an emulator of Pokémon Red, but instead of watching someone play the game, viewers could control the character by entering a command in the chat window, such as A or START. It was something of a mess at first, but soon turned into a chaotically beautiful adventure. And now, it’s back and better than ever.

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