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Gearbox Brings Us More Battleborn Info At PAX Prime

If you’ve been looking out for more info on Gearbox’s next game, Battleborn, then look no further! At a recent PAX Prime panel Gearbox (rather excitedly) spilled some more information about their upcoming title, mainly about the characters and gameplay. Continue reading

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The Behemoth’s “Game 4″ is a Tactical Co-Op Romp

The Behemoth is one of the few companies that can put out a trailer, have it tell little about their title and still make me smile. Why am I smiling? It looks like the still unnamed Game 4 is keeping the aesthetics, customization, zanny-ness and most importantly the announcer from Battleblock Theater. That’s just wonderful. Continue reading


Reserve Call of Duty and Receive a Destiny Armor Shader

If reservation bonuses aren’t confusing enough, GameStop just threw another wrench into the equation. If you reserve Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare before 9/21 at GameStop, you receive a code to unlock the level 20 Blacksmith Armor Shader for Destiny. Continue reading


Pokken Tournament – The Pokémon Game No One Expected

Everyone’s always chomping at the bit to hear about the next title to expand the Pokémon franchise, however Pokken Tournament might not be what people had in mind. Pokken Tournament was announced today and is going to be a fighting game brought to us by the folks that made Tekken (Bandai Namco Games). Continue reading

Honeyhug is Nigh

The Behemoth Prepares to Drop Another Hit

If you’re a fan of titles like Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, and Battleblock Theater then the term “Behemoth” has a special place in your heart. It might bring you warm fuzzy feelings deep down, along with memories of laughter, fun, and sometimes moments of wanting to snap your controller in half while you’re still enjoying yourself. Get ready to feel all of that again. Continue reading


MONG Podcast – What New Games Will Be Revealed at TGS 2014?

On this week’s MONG Podcast, the team went over this week’s biggest news, which wasn’t a whole lot since Gamescom was last week! The team also announced the contest winner for Phantom Breakers: Battlegrounds on PlayStation Vita! Be sure to tune in and find out if you won! Continue reading


Share Play Cometh (With Limitations)

Does anyone still remember the announcement way back in the beginning of PlayStation 4 talk about Share Play? The function that would allow you to share your games with your friends all over the world. To play your games with them, even if they don’t own them? This function is finally coming with Firmware 2.0, which was announced at Gamescom. However, it will have some limitations (as should be expected). Continue reading