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MONG Podcast 88 | Can Developers Learn to Finish Games Before Release from Fallout 4?

This is a good one folks! Well, all of the MONG Podcasts are good, but this one is sick! Adam, Myles and Jordan combined their forces to table a baker’s dozen of stories this week! From The release of Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 to The Terminator joining the WWE, we’ve got it all! Come sit with us for an hour and tell us what you think of the news on how Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will handle boss fights and about Fallout 4 being “Basically done.” Mong Podcast Episode 88, folks. Continue reading MONG Podcast 88 | Can Developers Learn to Finish Games Before Release from Fallout 4?

MONG Podcast 87 – Virtual Goats and The Last of Us

Episode 87 has come and gone, but the memories of topics like GoatVR and our “controversial” Last of Us conversation will stay with us until the end of time. Other topics we touched on included the PLAY Summer event line-up being brought to us by PlayStation as well as the continued speculation and curiosity that is Yager and Deep Silver splitting up over Dead Island 2. Join us for excitement! Intrigue! Vinyl records and more! Continue reading MONG Podcast 87 – Virtual Goats and The Last of Us

MONG Podcast 86 – The Return of the Podcast!

You read that right! The podcast has RETURNED! This is Podcast 86 and this is the new team, Adam Leonard, Jordan Loeffler and Myles K Farrington. Today we talked about some of the recent news that’s been on our minds. From the solemn news of Satoru Iwata’s passing to the fiasco going on with Konami. Even Shenmue III conversation slips in with a bit of Mass Effect series talk in the end. Come join us for the beginning of a new age!


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Devastatingly Beautiful

Transformers has been a series that’s been in the heart of geekdom since it first hit the scene back in 1984. The series has seen many variations in terms of visuals and story whether it be in video games, comics, movies or TV shows. Now it seems like Platinum Games is taking us back to the series’ visual roots, and that’s a good thing. Continue reading Devastatingly Beautiful

MONG Podcast – E3 Reactions – Farewell Episode

On this week’s MONG Podcast, the team discussed all of the major announcements at E3 2015. After all of the E3 talk, Courtney and Lou said their final farewells as this was their last MONG Podcast as co-hosts (their farewells start at 3 hrs, 5 minutes, 39 seconds).  Be sure to tune in next week as the MONG Podcast returns with Myles as the new host! Continue reading MONG Podcast – E3 Reactions – Farewell Episode