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MONG Podcast 102 | What Franchise Can SEGA Resurrect to Save Themselves?

The answer is nothing, lets be honest. However! You should still watch the first and last episode 102 of the MONG Podcast to find out what answers the gents gave to this impossible to answer query. On top of that you can find out the truth behind the name of the protagonist in Mass Effect 4, what era the EA Assassin’s Star Wars title takes place in, what game Naughty Dog has up their sleeves for the PlayStation 4 and the answers to life itself! Kind of, you can kind of find out this information, or at least listen to Myles, Jordan and Adam speculate. Everyone loves speculation and it sounds like a kinda dirty word! Come speculate with us on the MONG Podcast! Continue reading MONG Podcast 102 | What Franchise Can SEGA Resurrect to Save Themselves?

MONG Podcast 101 | Games Against the Grain

Can you handle the epic-ocity that is… the episode after the 100th? The MONG Podcast crew, you love ‘em, Adam, Jordan and Myles, are at it again with episode 101. They hit the big stories this week, such as the major departure in gameplay that Five Nights at Freddie’s next horrifying(?) adventure will take, the continuing Kojima-Konami battle for who gets the last word… even though it’s just Konami yelling and if they’re gonna get their hands on the sweetest release come November 10th… that SWEET sweet Jones Nuka-Cola. They also reminisce on which games they loved but were shunned by the gaming community, or were over-looked due to the titan-esque stature of other releases that year. You know it’ll be a barrel of fun, just like always! Continue reading MONG Podcast 101 | Games Against the Grain

MONG Podcast 100 | The BIG One Hundred!

You read that right, folks! MONG Podcast is officially 100! The big 1 double-0 FINALLY landed and the crew couldn’t be more excited. On top of that, Myles is apologetic for his microphone possibly blasting your ears to timbuktu! He got a new headset and didn’t think to change some audio levels before the cast. He was too excited for episode 100! Join the crew as they talk about Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, the price drop of the PS4, the names of currencies around the world and as they take the mantle for number one customer service in retail stores podcast! You’ll notice that Lou Contaldi is back from the dead to join them for this most momentous of events! Free things were had, pacts were made and thongs were worn on eyes! If A Thought from Nowhere is your thing, you’re in for a treat as they covered three fan submissions in one podcast! It was epic and since you couldn’t be there, they hope you’ll enjoy this recording! Continue reading MONG Podcast 100 | The BIG One Hundred!

MONG Podcast 99 | What Games Have Driven or Broken You?

Join the crew as they delve into the deepest darkest parts of their psyches and investigate what games have driven their inner completionists to the surface, as well as which games have shed light upon their sociopathic tendencies. Beyond the fun of what games have driven them, they also covered a few news topics. Namely Rise of Incarnates having been killed far too soon, the possible release of No Man’s Sky sooner than we might have thought and Microsoft being realists about the competition between their Xbox One and the PlayStation 4! It’s all so exciting you’ll need your inhaler! Continue reading MONG Podcast 99 | What Games Have Driven or Broken You?

MONG Podcast 98 | Wait, Why Did I Need a Key?

This lovely Tuesday night the crew got together for episode 98 of the MONG Podcast. It was their time, their time down there to talk about a costco’s worth of topics spread across the News from Nowhere AND the Thought from Nowhere! They covered the looming voice actors strike as well as the release date of Campo Santo’s Firewatch and what little information CD Projekt Red is stringing us along with about their upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 title. The thought from nowhere was video game tropes. Why did I need a key for the wooden door when I’ve got a bazooka? Wait, where are these infinitely spawning soldiers coming from? What exactly is bringing me back to life? All of these questions and more were asked! Join us! Continue reading MONG Podcast 98 | Wait, Why Did I Need a Key?

MONG Podcast 97 | How Do You Feel About Henchmen?

How are you feeling about October’s PlayStation Plus line-up? How do you think the gents are feeling about it? Don’t guess, watch and find out! Of course Metal Gear Solid came up in conversation, albeit not how you might expect. On top of all that, the next FarCry title has been revealed and boy does it sound “cool?” Get it? See what I did there? Last but not least, the podcast gents take a ride down the boulevard of broken dreams with their thoughts on video games least respected workers, henchmen and goons. Join us for the laughs! Continue reading MONG Podcast 97 | How Do You Feel About Henchmen?

MONG Podcast 96 | What’s the Most Overrated Game Franchise?

Join the lovely MONG Podcast crew as they sail the seven video game seas and delve into the news of this week. Street Fighter V’s next Beta might be more impressive than any other… ever! Mighty No.9 has received a (new) release date that has a 9 in it! Twitch is finally coming to your PlayStation thingies as an app and the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta isn’t going to be locked behind reservations, that and we know when it’s coming! Will Rainbow Six Siege be worth it without a dedicated story mode? All of that and you get to feel your heart strings be pulled as Myles, Jordan and Adam talk about the games they find to be the most overrated. Be prepared to have your jimmies rustled! Continue reading MONG Podcast 96 | What’s the Most Overrated Game Franchise?