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The Legend of Korra Review


Long ago, video games lived through a golden age. Then, everything changed when shovelware appeared. Only Rare, the developer that made a licenced game revolutionary with Goldeneye, could stop bad shovelware. But when the community needed them most, they vanished into Microsoft’s arms. Several years passed, and another developer was found: Platinum Games. Although they have made several great games in the past, they have a long way to go before they can save any franchise. However, I believe that Platinum has the potential to save licenced games. So, does Platinum’s first attempt, The Legend of Korra, finally bring balance to licensed and unlicensed games, or has The Legend of Korra been equalized to other licenced games?

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PS4 Update 2.0 to add USB Support, Library Changes

PlayStation 4 has been on the market for just under a year, and now they have spilled some of the beans on their great update 2.0, which is codenamed “Masamune”. The update has features that were previously announced at Gamescom this year while also adding some new features that PlayStation fans have been asking for.

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Nintendo 3DS & PS Vita Bundles That Could Really Sell

Handheld gaming has certainly exploded in recent years. With the Nintendo 3DS selling more than 44 million systems and the PlayStation Vita’s dedicated and growing fanbase, there doesn’t seem to be any slowdown.

We previously brought you our thoughts on bundles for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U. Unlike these systems, the Nintendo 3DS already has a slew of bundles and limited edition systems that can entice gamers to make a purchase. Trying to think of some bundles for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita needed some creative thinking, but we’re confident that you’ll enjoy and agree with our picks:

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PlayStation Plus Perks for October Revealed

PlayStation Plus owners will be getting a treat this month, as this month’s perks have more than the standard fare. Continue reading