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Looking Ahead: Microsoft in 2014

The fall release schedule is packed to the brim, with big exclusives coming from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Over the next few weeks I’ll spotlight each of the big three, starting today with Microsoft. Continue reading

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MONG Podcast Episode 37 – What Was The Worst Game at E3?

There were a lot of amazing games shown at E3 this year, but we would like to know, what was the worst game shown?  Was it Conker in Project Spark? Was it an indie game?  Did something not live up to what you thought it would be?  We each gave our worst games during the podcast!

This week we discussed whether or not E3 was better this year than last year, what we liked most about each conference, what were our top 3 games shown, which unknown game announced were we most excited about, what was the worst game shown, and what was the MONG Game of Show! Continue reading