Concept Art From Never Produced BioShock Movie Surfaces

Several years ago, a film based on 2K/Irrational GamesBioShock was in early production with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski set to helm the film for Universal Pictures. Production on the film eventually stalled due to concerns over budget, and after a change in director, Ken Levine (creator of BioShock) decided the halt production entirely.

bioshock concept

Thanks to artist Jim Martin, we now have a glimpse into what we could have expected from the film. On his website, Martin has published a gallery of his concept art for the film. The stills focus on the games’ iconic underwater city, Rapture.

bioshock concept 2

Check out the full gallery here, and just try not to yearn for what might have been.

My Opinion:

As much as I wish a BioShock movie would have been made, and as optimistic as I am regarding its potential quality, I would rather have no BioShock movie at all than a bad one. Video game movies have a lousy track record to say the least, and I would be heartbroken to see an underwhelming representation of one of my favorite games.

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