FIFA 15 Review

KICKIN’ IT 2015 STYLE I have always felt like soccer is one of the best international sports out there. I love the World Cup, both men’s and women’s; Olympic soccer is my favorite part of the summer games and I love the mystique that international superstars have. That being said, any non-World Cup year is … Continue reading FIFA 15 Review

FIFA 15 UK Cover Star and New Anti-Cheating System

EA Sports has revealed the UK cover star for FIFA 15. They also announced that players who buy coins on Ultimate Team or boost their pro stats on Pro Clubs will receive punishments, which can be as severe as a permanent ban on the player’s account!

5 Thoughts on the Best Selling Games of 2015

NPD has released data for the 10 best selling games of 2015.  Before viewing the list it is important to note that NPD only tracks physical retail copies, digital sales are not counted in the totals.  Also, any unit sold as part of a console bundle like the PlayStation 4 Star Wars Battlefront bundle or … Continue reading 5 Thoughts on the Best Selling Games of 2015