New Final Fantasy XII Story Trailer Revealed

Reveling in the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy, Square Enix has released a new story trailer for Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. 

Final Fantasy XV and the power of friendship

From its opening moments, Final Fantasy XV is a game that is completely built upon the bond of its four protagonists. The game drops players into a relationship that has been seasoned and seared over many years and experiences. While supplemental material, namely the Brotherhood anime, fleshes out the individual characters and their relationships with … Continue reading Final Fantasy XV and the power of friendship

World of Final Fantasy Review

Not Just Another World For many, the wait for Final Fantasy XV’s approaching release has been torturous. Many of today’s gamers consider themselves fans of the Final Fantasy franchise, and part of that feeling comes from a shared sentiment for the series’ beloved characters and storylines. Well, I’m here to tell you that not only … Continue reading World of Final Fantasy Review

World of Final Fantasy First Impressions

After spending some time with the World of Final Fantasy Dungeon Demo now available on the PlayStation Store, we are ready to share with you a few of our early impressions of Square Enix’s newest Final Fantasy game.

World of Final Fantasy Graphics Comparison: Will You Play on PS4 or Vita?

Recently, Square Enix released details comparing its imminent release of World of Final Fantasy on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The differences may be more slight than expected.

Final Fantasy XV Impressions – NYCC 2016

Having never played any numbered Final Fantasy game in over 15 years (yes I’m old), I was curious by the new world created with Final Fantasy XV. The delays, hyper negative pre-critiques, and overall sourness towards this game never bothered me. Sure, it looked cool and promised an incredible experience, but would that be enough … Continue reading Final Fantasy XV Impressions – NYCC 2016