Fire Emblem Heroes Review

I Need a Hero When Nintendo first announced their partnership with mobile developer DeNA, Fire Emblem was one of the series that immediately jumped to mind as a fit for iOS and Android devices. Cue Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s third foray into the mobile market and a bite-sized version of the hardcore strategy-RPG series. Wrapped … Continue reading Fire Emblem Heroes Review

New Fire Emblem Screenshots Reveal Interesting Details

The currently-untitled Fire Emblem 3DS received a new trailer in last Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct. But if you’re truly a hardcore Fire Emblem fanatic, that may not have been enough to tide you over. If that’s the case, check out this new batch of screenshots for the upcoming game, courtesy of Siliconera!

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Review (Vita)

For some time now, I’ve expected the emergence of the “Persona-like”, a new subgenre of RPGs that combine dungeon-crawling combat with social/dating sim elements. The concept was codified in 2006 by Persona 3, and it just works so well that I’m surprised it took this long for other games to be inspired by it. Spike … Continue reading Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Review (Vita)

Massive Nintendo Sale is Here!

To celebrate E3, Nintendo has announced a plethora of downloadable games that are on sale up to 30% off!