Inside the mind of a Switch early adopter

The Nintendo Switch is less than two weeks away from launch, and the flexible new machine has been a divisive topic of discussion that has dominated the community. While many, myself included, are incredibly excited for March 3rd, there is a massive contingent of gamers that do not agree, and are not afraid to share … Continue reading Inside the mind of a Switch early adopter

Digging Inside: Persona 5 Pre-TGS Trailer

Digging Inside is a new feature where we take the newest trailers and try to find any clues of hidden info for upcoming games. The first installment of Digging Inside will be for the recently announced Persona 5 Tokyo Game Show trailer that was released on Monday.

Eight Games We’re Excited to Play Again From Gen Con 2019

The first few days of August were full of fun and tabletop games at Gen Con, the largest tabletop convention in the U.S. Happily, we got our hands on dozens of games and here are eight we’re excited to play again very soon!