More Than The Score – MLB 15 The Show, Mortal Kombat X

Matt and Brian reunite to bring highly entertaining interviews with Mike B. and Matt M. to your ears, as they discuss MLB 15 The Show and Mortal Kombat X. Nothing says America like brutal death and baseball. There are also some ramblings about Record Store Day 2015, Star Wars and a Wookiee coming-of-age tale.

PlayStation Experience 2016 Recap

Today was the third annual PlayStation Experience. This two Day event shows what the PlayStation brand has in store for the next year. The first show was in 2014 with a complete reveal of the then-new PlayStation 4. This year, it was all about the games. It moved at a breakneck pace with very little … Continue reading PlayStation Experience 2016 Recap

Top Ten best selling physical games in the US for May 2016

It’s time folks — time to see which game conquered the sales charts for the month of May. Was it Uncharted 4? Was it Overwatch? Was it Cory in the House on DS? Let’s take a look.

PlayStation Experience Confirmed Panels

A few weeks ago, Sony announced the PlayStation Experience event will be happening in Las Vegas. Last Friday, Sony has announced that there will be 20 panels detailing aspects of game design and what goes into making a game.