Mass Effect Andromeda using new locomotion system

Earlier this month Mass Effect: Andromeda finally made its gameplay debut at the PlayStation Meeting. The footage was largely met by a lukewarm reception, with one criticism being the game’s animations. Today, new information about said animations has leaked out.

Mass Effect Andromeda improved from Dragon Age Inquisition feedback

Bioware has revealed that Mass Effect: Andromeda won’t just be Dragon Age Inquisition in science fiction clothing, assuring fan’s the feedback it received from DA:I will help make Mass Effect: Andromeda a better game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda protagonists are siblings, both exist in-game

Following last night’s PlayStation Meeting BioWare has revealed a smidgen of more details  about Mass Effect: Andromeda, including that both of the playable protagonists are siblings, and both will exist in the universes.