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Long Live Resident Evil

Back in June I proclaimed Resident Evil is dead, primarily because of the identity crisis the series went through starting with Resident Evil 4. That later led to the insulting mess that was Resident Evil 6, and now a seemingly drastic new direction for Resident Evil 7. Thus, the series as we knew it seemed … Continue reading Long Live Resident Evil

Top 10 PS4 & Xbox One Games

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been home to some bad games, some downright broken ones, and more remasters than you’ll ever know what to do with. It also has been home to many great games. This list is for those games. A scientific, inarguable top ten list brought to you by Middle of … Continue reading Top 10 PS4 & Xbox One Games

Resident Evil is Dead

Yes, friends, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was just revealed at Sony’s E3 conference, and the internet has exploded. Whether positive or negative, there’s a buzz in the ether about this drastic new direction of Capcom’s long-lasting Resident Evil (RE) series. Looking to be a soft reboot with a new first-person perspective, as well as a … Continue reading Resident Evil is Dead


ABSTRACT HORROR I returned to find my home in its usual state of disarray. Rats scurried underfoot, disappearing into cracks in the walls as I moved toward the staircase. Papers and books lay spread over the the dining table, lit candles flickering nearby with each whistling breeze which cut through our decaying home. I blinked, … Continue reading LAYERS OF FEAR REVIEW