3 Games Under $30: Xbox One Indie Edition

The Xbox One has been on a roll lately, winning NPD Hardware sales three months in a row and seeing two of its biggest exclusive games recently released in Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4. Yet, there are great titles to be found on the system both big and small, and at a … Continue reading 3 Games Under $30: Xbox One Indie Edition

GodStrike Impressions

Godstrike is an intense boss-rush game by OverPowered Team that will give any bullet rush fan a run for their money. The steep learning curve, paired with the various upgrades and abilities, can allure some players, but may have pushed a bit too hard for me to fully enjoy this adventure. In Godstrike, you’re in … Continue reading GodStrike Impressions

Five forgotten series that need to come back

Continuously bombarded with trailers, announcements, and betas, the gaming community is naturally always looking forward. And unless an older game is considered “classic” or “retro” it often ends up in a $2 bin in some yard sale — forgotten to the times. This list is for those games.