$9.99 is the right price for Super Mario Run

After the monumental success of Pokémon Go, many wondered what Nintendo’s next step into the mobile market would be. Their questions were answered during Apple’s annual September keynote, which saw Shigeru Miyamoto himself onstage to announce Super Mario Run, a mobile Mario game built from the ground up for mobile devices.

Sonic, Donkey Kong and Link in the NES Super Mario Bros.?

A picture emerged in MiiVerse today showing Sonic the Hedgehog in the first Super Mario Bros. game for NES. In other news: Generation X gamers worldwide break stuff and riot in the streets.

Super Mario Bros. UK Blu-Ray to Feature New Documentary

Ah, the ol’ Super Mario Bros. movie. The poster child of failed video game movies. Loved by some, mocked by many. But love it or hate, it’s coming to Blu-Ray in the UK, and it comes with a special treat: a brand-new documentary featuring interviews from the cast and crew.