Dual Wield Software Dev Diary: When Humble Beginnings Grow

Hi, I’m Chad Waller, developer of the upcoming game The Regret of Vitrerran. If my name sounds familiar, it’s because I’m a writer for this site. That said, I wanted to give a small developer’s blog about my upcoming title which is currently being Kickstarted. Vitrerran is a real-time card game with bits and pieces … Continue reading Dual Wield Software Dev Diary: When Humble Beginnings Grow

Aliens: Colonial Marines: Sega Accuses Gearbox of False Advertisement

The Sega/Gearbox lawsuit over the false marketing of Aliens: Colonial Marines rages onward, proving once again that the middle school drama surrounding the game is more interesting than the game itself. Today marked Sega’s turn at calling Gearbox a big, dumb doodyhead.

Darksiders 3 is still a Possibility

The fate of the Darksiders franchise has been up in the air lately. THQ went bankrupt in 2012 and auctioned off Darksiders to Nordic Games in 2013, leaving those who worked for Vigil Games to the fend for themselves. After an unpaid 18 month stint with Crytek, what remained of the founding team left to … Continue reading Darksiders 3 is still a Possibility

Sony Dismisses EA’s Subscription Model as Lacking Value

Yesterday, EA announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring Access, a $4.99/$29.99 a year subscription service that grants access to EA’s “Vault” library (includes FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2, and Battlefield 4). Today, Sony spoke out to Game Informer, explaining why they turned down the service.