Nintendo Products Weekly! Etsy Edition

Calling all collectors, calling all collectors! Nintendo made a couple of new announcements about upcoming products and partnerships, and we are here to keep you in the know. Also, with such amazing work being done on craft-maker haven, Etsy, we are deciding to show some non-licensed craft work which every collector may want around.

5 games for our post-election reality

The 2016 United States presidential election has come to a close, and what a doozy it has been. Private email servers, sweaty primary debaters, small hands and a great wall are but a few of the highlights from the bizarre cycle. Frankly, I’m exhausted, and I’m sure many of you share the same sentiment. Luckily, … Continue reading 5 games for our post-election reality

Massive Nintendo Sale is Here!

To celebrate E3, Nintendo has announced a plethora of downloadable games that are on sale up to 30% off!

Nintendo Reveals Most Popular Miiverse Searches Worldwide

Congratulations to Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire for being the most searched for community on Miiverse!

The Vita: Not Go Quietly

Once again we find a good number of readers, viewers, and even writers or leaders of this news industry reacting viscerally.  With Tomb Raider showing itself to not entirely be exclusive, a lot of PlayStation eyes seem to be focused on the Vita, and the lack of any reveals for the little machine from this … Continue reading The Vita: Not Go Quietly

GameStop Is Selling Used GameCube’s Again

This morning, GameStop has announced that they are selling refurbished GameCubes. The sale won’t last long, and will last until stock has run out. GameStop is selling the Nintendo GameCube used for $19.99.

What a $91 Million Loss Means for Nintendo

Nintendo has released their 2014 first quarter (Q1) financial results, showing off their landmark Mario Kart 8 software sales — however, they still have a loss of ¥9.4 billion ($91 million USD). While the gaming industry loves to keep up with their favorite companies’ sales and earnings, little know the meaning behind them. What does … Continue reading What a $91 Million Loss Means for Nintendo