Nintendo Switch Details Finally Unveiled

Last night, Nintendo held a press conference about its new system, Nintendo Switch. It had what everyone wanted to know; price point, date and games coming to the Switch. All of it was answered including a few new surprises.

Top Ten PlayStation 3 Games

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the PlayStation 3. Released on November 17, 2006 Sony’s third console wasn’t always one of the best consoles around. After the incredibly massive success of the PlayStation 2, it seems that Sony was being overconfident with itself.

Nintendo Switch is the definitive 21st Century console

For years the narrative has been the same. “Nintendo is out of touch with its fanbase.” “Nintendo has lost me.” “They care too much about the casual gamer.” “They have no 3rd party support.” The list goes on and on. But this morning, Nintendo proved that it knows exactly what it is doing, and despite recent … Continue reading Nintendo Switch is the definitive 21st Century console