Weekly Trailer Rewind 8/28/16-9/3/16

Here’s all of the most salient trailers to release this week in one convenient place. Why? Because we love you.

Complete 2015 North American Video Game Release Schedule

Here is our Complete North American 2015 Video Game Release Schedule. It will be updated throughout the year as more games receive confirmed release dates.

All PlayStation Experience Game Anouncements

You can watch all of the trailers below for games such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Batman Arkam Knight and Final Fantasy VII.

Fans Create Great Games, Big Companies Handle It Poorly

Fandom can be a crazy thing. While all of us are passionate about something, a select few choose to go above and beyond the usual standards and find themselves driven to do something remarkably creative — all to pay tribute to a video game or series they love. Developers are quick to react to these … Continue reading Fans Create Great Games, Big Companies Handle It Poorly


DROWNING IN FEAR Fatal Frame is not a series that I’m overly familiar with. In fact, other than a brief mention from a friend about seven years ago about how “scary” the PlayStation 2 entries were, I hadn’t even heard of them. All that changed recently when I finally tried it out for myself.

Freedom Planet Review (Wii U) [UPDATE]

BEAUTIFUL Update: We now have the final retail version of Freedom Planet, and after playing the campaign for another hour, I’m pleased to report that the critical bug that delayed the game appears to be fixed! Freedom Planet will release on Wii U on October 1st, 2015. Read on for our review. Freedom Planet, the … Continue reading Freedom Planet Review (Wii U) [UPDATE]