Is GameFreak missing out on a great opportunity?

I have recently become addicted to Minecraft… again.  No surprise there.  A grown man spending so much of his free time on a single game is already pretty sad, especially when that game mashes up his most favorite things in the world: LEGOs and NES themed graphics. 

Favorite Games from PAX East 2022: Day 3

The third day’s the charm with wonderful games at PAX East 2022. In today’s segment, we check out five games that had us playing golf for your survival, beat up some bad guys as a turtle, and change the fabric of reality with your memories.

Top 5 Underrated Video Game Cartoons

Video games are awesome. Yeah, that’s a blanket statement — but you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t agree on some level! That said, do you know what isn’t awesome? Video games adapted for other forms of media. Movies are notoriously hit or miss, but that’s a tired subject. No, the topic of today’s … Continue reading Top 5 Underrated Video Game Cartoons


If you’re anything like me, you probably collect something. Toys, comics, replica swords… the list goes on. These things don’t just take up space, though! They decorate our homes and inform people of the things we like. However, as I ran low on shelf space and searched for more traditional decorations, I happened across something … Continue reading DISPLATE – WHO SAYS VIDEO GAMES CAN’T BE ART?

Mafia III Gamescom 2015 Preview

The Mafia series is one that has always revolved around the idea of family. Whether it’s Tommy Angelo from the first game trying to protect his wife and child or Vito Scaletta working for the mob to help his mother and sister out of debt, family has been a cornerstone of the series’ stories. The … Continue reading Mafia III Gamescom 2015 Preview

Video Games I’m Thankful For (Part 15)

In the halfway mark of “Video Games I’m Thankful For” series, we take our first look at a PC game. I’m not an avid PC gamer, nor do I have the capability to be one (because of the specs of my computers). Luckily, my computer was able to handle this game and offer hours upon … Continue reading Video Games I’m Thankful For (Part 15)