Power Up Your Mega Man Collection With Extreme-Sets’ Command Station Diorama

COMMAND YOUR SHELF   Yes, people collect toys. That has been true since the dawn of nerdom. Some collectors — myself included — even create scenes in which to display these toys. For this special breed of collector, Extreme-Sets has a sweet new line of pop-up backdrops. Shall we take a look at another one?

Retro Grade: Mega Man 2

A Mighty Reminder The Mega Man series has long held a reputation for a perfect blend of incredible level design, diverse arsenal of weapons, and challenging platforming and combat. As Capcom let the franchise wither on the vine, creator Keiji Inafune took matters into his own hands with the inarguably terrible Mighty No. 9. After … Continue reading Retro Grade: Mega Man 2

Mega Man Legacy Collection Review

A Mega Legacy The Mega Man Legacy Collection is a perfect example of preserving a myriad of masterful platformers in one unified collection. This is done by way of stellar emulation, enjoyable challenges, as well as options to play the game in 4:3 aspect ratio or in full screen with or without background art alongside … Continue reading Mega Man Legacy Collection Review

Gaming’s Fiction Addiction: Mighty MegaMan

Rock blinks — his optical sensors readjusting to what lies ahead. His blue, dome-shaped helmet is cracked just above his right eye. The fingers of his right hand twitch, tiny servos whirring while gripping the left hand — currently in buster mode, formed into a cannon. Emitting a red light from the cannon’s maw, Rock … Continue reading Gaming’s Fiction Addiction: Mighty MegaMan

Super Mega Baseball 2 announced, coming in 2017

Developer Metalhead has announced a sequel to its 2014, arcade-style baseball game Super Mega Baseball. What’s it called? Super Mega Baseball 2, of course. The sequel will be in similar vein of the first game, just with more features and options, especially in customization. Additions include: online multiplayer, a deeper create a character system, and … Continue reading Super Mega Baseball 2 announced, coming in 2017