Pokémon Sun and Moon Review

Note: This game was reviewed using a 3DS XL and Pokémon Sun Pocket Monsters and where to find them Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, Pokémon Sun and Moon are a celebration of what has made the series one of the most beloved in all of gaming. In a year that has seen … Continue reading Pokémon Sun and Moon Review

NPD: Xbox One and Madden 17 lead in sales for the month of August

The numbers are in folks, and the month of July belongs to the Xbox One and Madden 17.

How Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Succeeded With New IP in 2015

It is no secret that popular entertainment is littered with an endless supply of remakes, reboots, reimaginings, and sequels.  Whether it be in movies, television, or videogames, companies often rely on the familiar when trying to attract an audience.  Investing millions of dollars into a product is a big risk, and despite outcry from some … Continue reading How Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Succeeded With New IP in 2015


DROWNING IN FEAR Fatal Frame is not a series that I’m overly familiar with. In fact, other than a brief mention from a friend about seven years ago about how “scary” the PlayStation 2 entries were, I hadn’t even heard of them. All that changed recently when I finally tried it out for myself.

Pokémon – Where will they go from here?

I’m sure you have all heard about this new thing with Pokémon X/Y? If not then I’ll help you out, so don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya. With the Pokémon trade system hitting 90 million trades, the Pokémon Company has decided that they’ll be releasing a special Vivillion. If you’re worried that you didn’t … Continue reading Pokémon – Where will they go from here?

Complete 2015 North American Video Game Release Schedule

Here is our Complete North American 2015 Video Game Release Schedule. It will be updated throughout the year as more games receive confirmed release dates.