Rime’s Switch price tag is a giant middle finger

Late last week, the final details about upcoming indie adventure game Rime were revealed. The Tequila Works’ title has soldiered through a troubled development cycle that saw it dropped as a PS4 exclusive to release on PC/PS4/Xbox One on May 26 and on Nintendo Switch at a later date. This is great news for those … Continue reading Rime’s Switch price tag is a giant middle finger

MONG Podcast 130 | True Crimes: Mushroom Kingdom

Join the podcast crew of Myles Farrington, Adam Leonard and Jordan Loeffler as they mull and converse over the most topical of news. From Microsoft backing off their Play Anywhere statements and Red Dead Redemption becoming backwards compatible to Evolve becoming free-to-play and so much more! Don’t forget the hilarious Kojima quotes and the Thought … Continue reading MONG Podcast 130 | True Crimes: Mushroom Kingdom

Gearbox Brings Us More Battleborn Info At PAX Prime

If you’ve been looking out for more info on Gearbox’s next game, Battleborn, then look no further! At a recent PAX Prime panel Gearbox (rather excitedly) spilled some more information about their upcoming title, mainly about the characters and gameplay.

Volition To Reveal New Game At PAX Prime

Today, Volition has revealed the plans of their panel at PAX Prime Seattle for Friday. The panel will include a quiz show starring Natalie Lander, the voice of Kinzie in the Saints Row franchise. After the quiz, Volition will reveal art, gameplay, and details over their upcoming, unannounced game.