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Pokémon – Where will they go from here?

I’m sure you have all heard about this new thing with Pokémon X/Y? If not then I’ll help you out, so don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya. With the Pokémon trade system hitting 90 million trades, the Pokémon Company has decided that they’ll be releasing a special Vivillion. If you’re worried that you didn’t get yours, don’t be, the Vivillion won’t be going out until the 100 million trade marker is hit. Continue reading Pokémon – Where will they go from here?

Indie Game Spotlight: SuperHOT

After a week-old hiatus, the Indie Game Spotlight is back, but this week, the spotlight is shining a bit dimmer. Although most of our reports deal with games that are already out, it is time to look at a game that isn’t really out but instead is in development. However a demo of the game was made for the 7 Day FPS Challenge, a yearly challenge given to indie developers to make an FPS in a week. It deserves some recognition. Welcome to SuperHOT.

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