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Editor Spotlight: Shawn Richards’s Top 5 Games

Hello, readers. Nice to see you. Looking great today, but enough about you. You came here to read about my favorite 5 games in the entire gaming industry. Just know that I was asked to choose 5 games from a ton of games that I have played in my 21 years of living, so this was hard to do. Also, I have not played a lot of games that some people are going to put on their lists (like The Last of Us and Mortal Kombat games, for example). This is my list, and I hope this gives you, the reader, some insight into my thought process and why I enjoy games. Continue reading Editor Spotlight: Shawn Richards’s Top 5 Games

The Geekend Update: 5/2/14

Weekends are meant to be used strictly for gaming; at least that’s what we think anyways.  So here is where you can find out all of our crazy plans for the upcoming weekend!  Are you playing any of the games we are? Continue reading The Geekend Update: 5/2/14

Backlog Spotlight: Origins

As a kid, I loved video games. However, I wasn’t the most adventurous with my game choices. I played the Zelda games and a handful of other games until I knew just about every secret. By the time I got a PS3, I became too busy in school and work to play games as often. Continue reading Backlog Spotlight: Origins