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TowerFall Ascension Crashes on to PS4 and PC

TowerFall Ascension is hitting the PS4 and PC marketplace on March 11th. Ascension is an updated version of the original four player combat archery game that launched on the Ouya at release.

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DayZ Moves 88,000 in 12 Hours

Well, if your were worried about the popular Arma 2 mod “DayZ” flopping once it became a standalone game, you can put those fears aside. DayZ sold a staggering 88,000 copies on Steam in it’s first 12 hours on the market.


Even “Maruk” from Bohemia Interactive tweeted about the success saying “88.000 Survivors have joined DayZ Alpha in it’s first 12 hours. Thank you.” And even high profile people in the industry have been vocal about the success, with Gears of War creator tweeting about his experience with the game. And the creator of it all, Dean Hall tweeted “Almost 200 new players in the database per second…what the hell?”


Currently, the game is only available on Steam, therefore it’s only available on PC. However, Dean Hall has stated in the past that the game could come to consoles eventually, if the PC version is successful. Now that we know it is, we’re pretty sure it’s only a matter of time.


My Opinion

I’ve never played DayZ to be perfectly honest with you. But I can’t help but be excited over those numbers. For a PC exclusive, it’s doing great! I just hope it comes to next gen soon, so I can actually play it…

Octodad: Dadliest Catch — How to Be Intentionally Funny

One of the largest and latest complaints levied about video games is how seriously the genre takes itself. Nearly every review begs the medium be considered an art form, simply because it stirs emotions and is reasonably functional. As games command you to take them seriously, it seems the “fun” aspects seem to be slipping away.

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