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Retro Grade: Resident Evil 2


Horror Month is here! While you may not gleam this little factoid by browsing my author tag, I love horror games. As the dark, chilly month of October rolls around every year, I find myself increasingly eager to play through titles filled with cheap scares, thought-provoking puzzles, and downright terrifying atmosphere. I’m sick like that. Thus, join me for another review — if you dare! Continue reading Retro Grade: Resident Evil 2

Retro Grade: Mega Man 2

A Mighty Reminder

The Mega Man series has long held a reputation for a perfect blend of incredible level design, diverse arsenal of weapons, and challenging platforming and combat. As Capcom let the franchise wither on the vine, creator Keiji Inafune took matters into his own hands with the inarguably terrible Mighty No. 9. After spending a weekend with Mega Man 2, the most fondly remembered of the original NES series of games, I fully comprehend the extent of the injustice that Mighty No. 9 did to the Blue Bomber and am reminded of what true gameplay supremacy looks like.

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Neon Chrome Review


Games in recent years have begun blending their genres in new and interesting ways. Role-Playing games and Science-fiction elements paired with a first-person shooter gave birth to Destiny. Playing a pinball game mixed with the space adventures of Samus Aran created Metroid Prime Pinball. Seemingly odd combinations that ended up being wonderful experiences. However, Neon Chrome combines a top-down shooter with RPG elements, resulting in a monochromatic experience that seems just a few shades off from its potential.

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Star Fox Zero REVIEW


I’m pretty sure everyone in their 20’s has played Star Fox 64 at least once in their life. That was a magical game with amazing starship combat, tight controls, and challenging bosses. It’s still touted as one of the best games of the Nintendo 64 era, and even holds up to modern standards. Unfortunately, it set a high bar that several sequels failed to surpass — but does Star Fox Zero change that? Continue reading Star Fox Zero REVIEW

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD review


Nintendo has been on a Zelda remastering binge recently. Starting with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, nearly every 3D Zelda game has been remastered on either the Wii U or the 3DS. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is the latest remaster, but unlike the previous re-releases, there wasn’t a large demand for this game. Despite its initial critical acclaim, this game isn’t as fondly remembered as other iterations in the franchise. Complaints with the game are numerous but they all seem to be related with Twilight Princess lacking something to make it stand out from the other games in the series. However, with a new coat of paint, and the best aspects of both of its previous releases, this HD remaster shows that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has aged better than expected and is well worth revisiting. Continue reading The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD review



The Age of Ultron has ended, and Civil War is upon us — but so too is Disney Infinity 3.0’s latest Play Set. Is Marvel Battlegrounds the superhero beat-’em-up we always dreamed of? Come fly with us and find out! Continue reading REVIEW – DISNEY INFINITY 3.0: MARVEL BATTLEGROUNDS PLAY SET

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Review


Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is the type of game that leaves you with a worse impression than you think it deserves. At its foundation, Paper Jam is a solid if simple turn-based RPG much like the rest of the Mario & Luigi series whose charming comedic quips can appeal to both children and fans of the Mario series. For the most part, that foundation keeps the game engaging enough throughout its 25-30 hour run time. However, what’s built on that foundation drags the overall experience down with its creatively pisspoor implementation of the Paper Mario world, constant backtracking, and fruitless busy work. By the time I saw the credits roll, Paper Jam had long worn out its welcome.

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