EA Play 2017 Recap

For the second year in a row, EA has kicked off the E3 festivities with a press conference that featured interesting reveals and awkward moments. While retaining its focus on mainstream hits, the showcase offered intriguing new angles on established franchises mixed with promising first looks at new IP. Ending with an extended look at … Continue reading EA Play 2017 Recap

It is time for the silent majority to be heard

As I consider the events that have characterized the past few weeks in gaming culture, the idea that continually worms its way into my mind is that of polarity. Because as incredible as the stream of quality releases has been, the grotesque underbelly of the community has repeatedly come to light. This contradiction has potentially … Continue reading It is time for the silent majority to be heard

Mass Effect Andromeda using new locomotion system

Earlier this month Mass Effect: Andromeda finally made its gameplay debut at the PlayStation Meeting. The footage was largely met by a lukewarm reception, with one criticism being the game’s animations. Today, new information about said animations has leaked out.

Mass Effect Andromeda improved from Dragon Age Inquisition feedback

Bioware has revealed that Mass Effect: Andromeda won’t just be Dragon Age Inquisition in science fiction clothing, assuring fan’s the feedback it received from DA:I will help make Mass Effect: Andromeda a better game.