Vaccine Review

THROWBACK HORROR   One needs only to glance at my history as a writer to see that Resident Evil is my favorite video game series. Specifically the first three titles, which both established and subsequently improved upon the survival horror genre on Sony’s PlayStation. While that type of game, with tank controls and static camera … Continue reading Vaccine Review

An Interview with Invader Studios, Developer of Daymare: 1998

While recent horror games mostly fit into the first-person, hide-n’-seek mold, some gamers yearn for the good ol’ days of third-person survival horror. Invader Studios aims to cater to that crowd with its upcoming title, Daymare: 1998. I sought more info about this promising game, and Michele Giannone of Invader Studios was kind enough to … Continue reading An Interview with Invader Studios, Developer of Daymare: 1998

Fighting Games Set to Dominate Month of May

2017 has already seen some of the biggest releases of the year in a variety of genres. The trend of stellar releases continues in the month of May, with fighting games stepping up for action and ready to knock out any competitor.

MONG Podcast 162 | Somebody Save Me

Join the podcast crew of Myles Farrington, Adam Leonard and Chris Cobb as they mull and converse over the most topical of news! They touch on the stories of Peter Molyneux and his exaggerated ideas, Night Trap’s return, Marvel v Capcom Infinite’s massive collector edition and so much more. They cover it all! Don’t forget … Continue reading MONG Podcast 162 | Somebody Save Me