Frieza to Hit Dragon Ball Xenoverse in a New Way

For fans of the series, the hype is rising the nearer the release of the next Dragon Ball Z movie is. Revival of F marks the return of the old fan-favorite villain Frieza. This time he’s actually trained. Luckily for every fan and gamer, his new form won’t just be hitting the movie scene.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review

GOING SUPER SAIYAN ON NEW CONSOLES Dragon Ball Xenoverse is Bandai Namco’s latest 3D-fighter featuring everyone’s favorite Z fighters. What separates this title from other Dragon Ball fighting games is the components it takes from the MMO Dragon Ball Online. Xenoverse combines flashy fast-paced brawling with enticing RPG elements and an addictive loot system to … Continue reading Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Season Pass and DLC Details

If you’ve been excited about Dragon Ball Xenoverse and all the crazy new content it’s going to contain, you might have reason to be even more excited now. Though the faces will be old, the season pass will be bringing new characters and more.

Why Was Dragon Ball Xenoverse Delayed?

Why was Dragon Ball Xenoverse delayed? Considering the fan-following of the Dragon Ball series as a whole, people are definitely asking themselves that question. There’s a reason why you all come to Middle of Nowhere Gaming for your news because we have the answer!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s US Release Date and Day One Edition Revealed

The Dragon Ball series will never die, and the next entry in the series’ gaming library (Dragon Ball Xenoverse) finally has an American release date! On top of the release date, new information about Xenoverse’s day one content has been revealed.

Build a Saiyan in Dragon ball Xenoverse

After years of fans begging to create their own Z-Fighter  in a Dragon ball Z game, Bandai Namco is giving us what we want!.  With the recent release of a teaser video for the new fighting game, many fans of the series saw a character that was not originally part of the Dragon Ball lore. … Continue reading Build a Saiyan in Dragon ball Xenoverse