Grand Kingdom Review

A GRAND ADVENTURE (IT’S EVEN IN THE NAME) After getting a taste of Grand Kingdom with the Beta in April and May, I was excited to finally try out the full-fledged game. The intriguing battle mechanics and customization seemed to be the highlight of the Beta, with the loose storyline as its hinderance. Did Grand … Continue reading Grand Kingdom Review

Destiny: The Dark Below Review

NO DINKLEBOT? NO PROBLEM! Destiny has been going strong since its September 9th release. Regardless of the opinions of reviewers and the player base, one comment has been popping up no matter where you look, “I can’t stop playing.” However, even with the player support, Bungie hasn’t rested on their laurels and this is evident … Continue reading Destiny: The Dark Below Review

Destiny Special Editions and Beta Dates Revealed

Bungie (the wonderful people they are) have come forth with a wealth of information on the upcoming Destiny Beta as well as the swag available to those pre-order the Limited Edition, the Digital Guardian Edition, and the Ghost Edition of Destiny. If you love Peter Dinklage, you’re gonna love the Ghost Edition.

PlayStation Exclusive Destiny Content Revealed

At E3 this year it was made clear that PlayStation owners who pick up Bungie’s Destiny will be getting quite the treat in terms of exclusives. On top of the alpha (which was extended beyond it’s original end date) being a solely PlayStation 4 experience, the other exclusives have been revealed, and they look pretty … Continue reading PlayStation Exclusive Destiny Content Revealed