NCAA Football 14 Review

Let me start by saying I had very low expectations for this game. Even when I started playing it, nothing blew me away and I was not impressed. Maybe it was the fact that I have played the NCAA Football franchise for going on 8 years now that lead to my initial view of the game being so poor, but after getting a few games under my belt in Online Dynasty, my interest in the game did a 180. This review for the game is based solely on the Dynasty and Online Dynasty modes.

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Red Cross Wants War Crimes in Games Punished

In a recent statement, the Red Cross has expressed their contempt for a group of unnamed (while not directly stating which games they are talking about, you can clearly tell by reading their statement are Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Medal of Honor) games and their use of war crimes in them.  Continue reading Red Cross Wants War Crimes in Games Punished