Editor Spotlight: Shawn Richards’s Top 5 Games

Hello, readers. Nice to see you. Looking great today, but enough about you. You came here to read about my favorite 5 games in the entire gaming industry. Just know that I was asked to choose 5 games from a ton of games that I have played in my 21 years of living, so this … Continue reading Editor Spotlight: Shawn Richards’s Top 5 Games

Meet Our Staff

Harry Loizides (Editor-in-Chief) Location: Long Island, NY Nintendo: Celibonk89 PSN: illgrillchill Contact Info: Facebook | Twitter About Me: I’m an avid gamer who also loves creating new experiences and adventures. Favorite Gaming Platform: PlayStation 4 Favorite Game: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Favorite Franchise: Super Smash Bros. Favorite Developer: Nintendo Favorite Genre: Action-Adventure   Myles Farrington ( Senior Podcast Host) Location: Burlington, NC … Continue reading Meet Our Staff