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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Review


There are three things I thought I would never see in my life on a handheld as a Nintendo fan: a 3D Metroid game, a 3D Zelda game, or a Super Smash Bros. game. By 2006, Metroid Prime Hunters had made its appearance on Nintendo DS. Half a decade later in 2011, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D was released on the Nintendo 3DS, shattering handheld expectations for the Big N. Smash Bros. stood in isolation as the last flagship Nintendo series not ported to handhelds. That is, until that year.

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inFAMOUS First Light Review


inFAMOUS First Light seems more like a reply to critics than a standalone title. With inFAMOUS Second Son being released a mere five months ago, Sucker Punch Productions has taken an active step in analyzing what needed improvement and tested it out with Fetch’s own mini-prequel. However, is there enough packed into the vignette to warrant the $15 entry fee? Continue reading inFAMOUS First Light Review

Rogue Legacy Review


Death is a common occurrence in Rogue Legacy. Between the title screen and the game over screen you will lose your cool; however, it’s in these moments of frustration where the triumph will compel you to continue playing, even after your 400th death. Rogue Legacy is challenging, but it becomes an addictive, challenging platformer. Continue reading Rogue Legacy Review

New Weekly Schedule

On Sunday, we at Middle of Nowhere Gaming decided that we wanted to start having regularly scheduled content coming out each day along side all of our news.  So, here is how the schedule has shaped up.  Obviously, it is subject to change at any time, and times during that day for releases may vary, but hopefully everything will work out! Continue reading New Weekly Schedule