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MONG Podcast Episode 40 – Housemarque Interview

This week’s episode is a special one!  We announced two giveaways on the podcast as well as had an interview with Housemarque (developers of games like Resogun and Dead Nation).   Continue reading MONG Podcast Episode 40 – Housemarque Interview

Shovel Knight Review


Each year there are a plethora of indie titles, many of them which are naturally described as “a love letter to classic gaming”. These games, like Mercenary Kings or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Videogame, try their best to recreate the magic of the NES or SNES era. However, while these other titles attempt to mimic the unique style of these classic titles, Shovel Knight is one of the only ones able to systematically reimagine and perfect the experience. In short, Shovel Knight is a must-get if you are or have ever been a classic gamer.

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