Biggest Next Gen Fears

     There are so many things that will change when the new line of video game consoles are released. Sometimes these changes are good but sometimes they are terrible. Everyone has a fear regarding the new consoles whether they want to admit it or not. It could be a policy that people don’t like or sometimes it is hardware failure. We decided to find out what each of us are afraid of the most when it comes to the next gen gaming.



     My biggest fear with next gen gaming would probably be the mass migration of people to the next consoles, leaving those of us who can’t afford the consoles right away with less competitive multiplayer games. Even though I am not the biggest fan of online multiplayer games, I do not like the idea of people being left with fewer opponents in their favorite games.




     It’s hard for me to pick just one fear for next gen gaming. If I had to only choose one though, I am most afraid that all of the consoles will have the issue the Xbox 360 had with the “Red Ring of Death.” Anytime you spend hundreds of dollars on something, you want it to work correctly; something we can all agree on. When people decide to pre-order an expensive piece of hardware, they run the risk of it not working the way it was advertised. With every game console release there are fears of the machine malfunctioning, and the Xbox 360 made everyone aware that the issue is very real and can happen to any console. I myself went through five Xbox 360s before I said enough is enough. I have had no issues with my PlayStation 3 since the moment I bought it though. This makes me hope that the PlayStation 4 will be just as good. At the same time I remember that the PlayStation 2 had issues with overheating and the disc tray malfunctioning. Any console can crash if not built correctly, and those of us who are buying their next gen consoles on release day are running a much higher risk than the rest of you. We have no idea how our consoles are going to function but are still going to spend several hundred dollars on them. Here’s to hoping that both next gen consoles release with absolutely no hardware problems!




     Being an employee at GameStop, my fears are somewhat similar to Brendan’s. As a, for lack of a better word, “poor college student,” I won’t be immediately investing in an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. It will have to be something wherein I wait for any and all bugs to be fixed (as Courtney mentioned) and wait for a time when I’m not faced with unexpected car bills and what not. Since this is the first huge console launch in eight years I fear the anticipation will have gamers everywhere making a fast and abrupt switch to the new consoles, even though companies plan on making 360 and PS3 games for another couple of years. As an advisor, this will put me at a huge disadvantage, because I will have no personal experience with either console, let alone both. My hope is that this is not the case, and that people refrain from trading in their old systems since neither the Xbox One nor the PlayStation 4 are backwards compatible.




     My biggest fear with next gen gaming is the current gen consoles becoming obsolete. Not only do next gen consoles cost a fortune, but they don’t sound like they’ll lower the cost anytime soon. The Xbox 360 stayed around $300 for most of its life cycle, so I expect the same to hold true for the next gen consoles. Along with the high prices, in a few years developers will stop making games for the older consoles. This will force anyone who wants to play the newest games to buy the next gen consoles. I definitely don’t see this coming for a number of years, but it’s in the foreseeable future.




     This next generation, Sony finds itself in one of the hardest positions conceivable: how can they show consumers the difference between their consoles? All of Nintendo’s bad advertising aside, the jump from Wii to Wii U shines as clear as day to a consumer. Nintendo finally managed to make the jump from standard definition to high definition, the main selling point of the previous generation. However, what is the PS4’s selling point? During the PS4 press conference they highlighted the astounding fact that there can be a million moving parts and games can be played while downloading. But this is only astounding to me—a gamer. What about the average consumer? The Call of Duty/Madden only groups? The Christmas shopping mothers? For the next year, developers will most likely be making ported games for both the PS3 and PS4 with little noticeable difference to the average consumer in graphical fidelity, gameplay, or frame-rate. And the price (while cheaper than Xbox One) is still expensive. So yeah, I’m thinking the main issue is, will the consumers of the world see the difference in the consoles, or will it be viewed as a PS3 with a controller that lights up?




As you can tell, we are all afraid of something when it comes to next gen gaming. Some of us share similar fears, while others are unique. What do you guys think? Will the next generation of video game consoles launch smoothly? Is there anything crazy going to happen? Are we going to see another Red Ring plague like the last generation? Or do you have your own fears completely different than ours? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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