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Harry Loizides (Editor-in-Chief)


Location: Long Island, NY
Nintendo: Celibonk89
PSN: illgrillchill
Contact Info: Facebook | Twitter

About Me: 
I’m an avid gamer who also loves creating new experiences and adventures.

Favorite Gaming Platform: PlayStation 4
Favorite Game: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
Favorite Franchise: Super Smash Bros.
Favorite Developer: Nintendo
Favorite Genre: Action-Adventure

Myles Farrington ( Senior Podcast Host)

Location: Burlington, NC
PSN: InfuriatedYOGURT
Twitch: FireBirdManTooth
Contact Info: Facebook | Twitter

About Me:
I’m trying my best to be a gaming journalist. Now that that’s said, I’m a pretty chill and laid back (sometimes read: apathetic) individual. I game when I can/have something to play/have someone to play with, a very social gamer one might say. My main hobbies would be gaming and comics. There’s not so much to know about me… beyond the fact that I’m awesome and the most humble person you’ll ever see.

Favorite Gaming Platform: PlayStation 4
Favorite Game: Mortal Kombat 2
Favorite Franchise: Mortal Kombat or Pokemon
Favorite Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Favorite Genre: Does co-op count?

Staff Page Editors

 Darius Purse (Executive Editor)


Location: Lee’s Summit, MO
PSN: ShogunD7
Contact Info: Facebook | Twitter

About Me:
Been a gamer since my first system the NES as a kid.  I can’t remember a time where they weren’t a point of discussion between friends at school or co-workers at the job. Don’t get nearly enough time to play them as I used to, but I always try to keep up with what is going on in the gaming community.  Looking forward to writing about them here at MONG.

Favorite Gaming Platform: PS3
Favorite Franchise: Street Fighter
Favorite Developer: Nintendo
Favorite Genre: Fighting

 Adam Leonard (Senior Editor)

Profile Picture
Location: Eugene, OR
PSN: manraystevens
XBL:  FanboyAdam
Contact Info: Facebook | Twitter

About Me:
I’m a jack of all trades. Beyond the normal boring working to survive stuff, I’ve been involved in theatre, improv comedy, hosted a radio show, I once ran away to go work at Disney World for 3 months. But through all that I’ve been passionate about video games. I’ve been so privileged in my lifetime to see video games grow from a fledgling novelty market, to the latest emerging form of art. I’m honored to be given a public forum to talk about something I love very much.

Favorite Game: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Favorite Franchise: The Legend of Zelda
Favorite Developer: TellTale Games
Favorite Genre: Action/Adventure

Shawn Richards (Associate Editor)

Location: Maryville, TN
PSN:  LittleBigHamm
XBL: LittleBigHamm
Twitch: LittleBigHamm (you notice a trend?)
Contact Info: Facebook | Twitter

About Me: I am a man of many talents. As a college student, I hope to finish getting my math degree (yes, I know you hate math). I also plan on starting up my own studio called Project Gamma. Overall, though, gaming has been my life and I want to see how far it can take me. From the simple Nintendo games when Mario was still interesting to the awesome world that is PlayStation to even Microsoft’s  place, I have been around the gaming block. You can always follow my antics on Twitter. I have been known to be hilarious on occasion.

Favorite Gaming Platform: PS2
Favorite Game: BioShock
Favorite Franchise: Jak & Daxter
Favorite Developer:  Naughty Dog
Favorite Genre: FPS/RPG

Chris Cobb (Associate Editor)

Location: Ohio (unfortunately)
Contact Info: YouTube | Twitter WordPress

About Me: I’ve been called a dreamer, schemer, and a true believer who could probably accomplish something if my attention span weren’t so short. If the world suddenly devolves into a dystopian hellscape where life and death are dictated by otherwise useless video game, movie, and comic book trivia… I’m your guy! Besides that, just let me sleep in until the zombie apocalypse finally happens.

Favorite Gaming Platform: Xbox
Favorite Game: Resident Evil HD
Favorite Franchise: Resident Evil
Favorite Developer: Capcom
Favorite Genre: Survival Horror

Staff Page Writers

Jesse Webster (Senior Writer)

Location: Nashville, TN
PSN: Blinking-Pixels
Nintendo: PixelBlink
Twitch: Blinking_Pixels
Contact Info: Facebook | Twitter 

About Me: I could say that I’m at college, I’m not. I could say I have a job, I don’t. What I do have is 3 years of writing about games off and on and determination to do the best I can do. Will I make it? Probably not, but you can’t say I sure as hell didn’t try.

Favorite Gaming Platform: PlayStation 2
Favorite Game: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Favorite Franchise: Metal Gear Solid
Favorite Developer: Kojima Productions
Favorite Genre: Stealth, Horror, Action, Puzzle, Adventure

 Brett Williams (Associate Writer)


Location: Gettysburg, PA
PSN: SquatchHunter216
Contact Info: Facebook | Twitter | WordPress

About Me: I am a recent graduate with a public relations degree, meaning my life consists of underemployment, job applications and gaming. I started with a Gameboy Color and an issue of Nintendo Power and haven’t looked back. While I hope to eventually be that PR guy that you get irrationally ticked at, I’m glad to be writing for MONG in the meantime. In addition to gaming, I like a nice rare steak, weekends spent boating and Antonio Brown touchdowns.

Favorite Gaming Platform: PlayStation 4
Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts
Favorite Franchise: The Legend of Zelda
Favorite Developer: Naughty Dog
Favorite Genre: Action RPG

Riley Berry (Associate Writer)


Location: Pearland, TX
PSN: Fright_Guy

About Me: I am a senior in high school and cannot wait for it to be over. Obviously I love video games and love the fact I can show my passion through this website. While I do interact with other gamers in real life, I still have more I want to say. Video games are not the only entertainment I like. I enjoy watching TV, movies, and occasionally reading.

Favorite Game: Persona 4 Golden
Favorite Franchise: Metal Gear Solid
Favorite Developer: Kojima Productions
Favorite Genre: Anything Story Driven

Staff Page PC

  • Charlie Savidge
  • Jordan Loeffler
  • Tyler Fischer
  • Aaron Dobbe
  • Audrey Lips
  • Landon Luthi
  • Nathan Reid
  • Patrick Garrity
  • Steven Shearer
  • Tyler Bartlemus
  • Matt Batson
  • Lucy Pallent
  • Courtney Osborn
  • Lou Contaldi
  • Brian Hoerst
  • Erika Maness
  • Matt Southwell
  • Jake Dekker
  • Matt Keates
  • Kaleob Archambeau
  • Scott Deisner
  • Elijah Mosley
  • Theo Hamilton
  • Dustin LaRoe
  • Mark Merville
  • Andrew Lee
  • Chad Waller
  • Mike Morrissette
  • Ryan Latuso
  • Shaun Fales
  • Brendan Jester
  • Brett Medlock
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Jess Guilbeaux
  • Colin Conroy
  • Jordyn Cox
  • Chad Velasquez
  • Colin Oslin
  • Christian Piñón-Muñoz
  • Kendrick Kingery
  • Kaylynn Hammond
  • Holly Grothues
  • Nathaniel Peat

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