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Outlast 2 Review

Scary Good!

The very first Outlast preceded to scare the socks off whoever dared play it. The massive success of the survival horror game led to fans begging for more. With a tall task in order Red Barrels set off giving us a beautifully crafted second installment, Outlast 2. Continue reading Outlast 2 Review


Star Wars Battlefront II hints at a motivated EA

When EA was initially announced as an exclusive video game partner with Lucasfilm for Star Wars, we reached for our collective blasters waiting for the polarizing publisher to make the first slight on the beloved property. Then the announcements came – a third-person action game from Visceral Games headed by Amy Hennig of Uncharted fame and a Star Wars Battlefront revival from the Battlefield experts at DICE – and we holstered and rejoiced. But the release of Battlefront in 2015, along with the numerous failings to live up to the Death Star-sized expectations that come with reviving a fan-favorite franchise, led to a salvo of well-deserved criticisms. Lack of a campaign, limited maps and modes and an expensive Season Pass tarnished a fantastic representation of the original trilogy. Continue reading Star Wars Battlefront II hints at a motivated EA

Project Scorpio: Microsoft’s uninspired power play

After rampant speculation since E3 2016, Microsoft finally lifted the technical curtain on their anticipated new console; Project Scorpio. Packing an unprecedented level of power, the newest addition to the Xbox family will easily out-muscle its competition upon its release later this year. Eurogamer’s Oli Welsh put it nicely in his “Scorpio made simple” rundown of the monster machine. “It’s a far cry from Xbox One, Kinect and TVTVTV. It reminds us of the original Xbox and Xbox 360 – this is Microsoft throwing its considerable engineering resources at making the best possible games-playing machine. Xbox is back.”

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MLB The Show 17 Is Getting The Call To The Hall – Review


Sony San Diego’s latest entry in its annualized baseball sim series, MLB The Show 17, looked to improve on several of the previous year’s shortcomings as well as bringing some new ideas to America’s favorite pastime; and boy did they knock it out the park.
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3 ways Destiny 2 can bring back burned players

After a marketing leak courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Gamestop, Destiny 2 was finally revealed. The most obvious sequel in existence pulled back the curtain on its reimagined story via a cheeky trailer featuring Nathan Fillion’s Cayde 6. With a welcome emphasis on story being a response to much of the criticism of the original, it is fair to wonder what form the sequel will take. Expansions fixed many of the original’s key issues, but the problematic skeleton that turned away millions could not be fully remedied. So what does Destiny 2 have to fix in order to entice burned players back into the fold? Here are three suggestions from a dedicated Guardian.
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Is COD Franchise too far gone to make good WWII Game?

  Close your eyes, and think back to the good ol’ days. The days where friends would come over and you’d all play some Call of Duty. The late nights, the ruined friendships, the excitement for a new CoD game,  and of course, hour long sessions of zombies! Continue reading Is COD Franchise too far gone to make good WWII Game?