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Sunday Spotlight: Nowhere Prophet

Nowhere Prophet, developed by Sharkbomb Studios and published by No More Robots, is a challenging card-based roughelite strategy game where surviving and escaping an Indian-inspired wasteland is paramount for success. 

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Sunday Spotlight: Tender: Creature Comforts

Tender: Creature Comforts, by Kenny Sun, is a narrative-driven game where you are swiping left and right for potential relationships within this new app that you downloaded. As a newcomer to this planet, you’re hoping to build relationships, where you can decide how you want to approach the app, and eventually go on various dates to see if anything will progress.

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Sunday Spotlight: Knights of San Francisco

Knights of San Francisco by Raindead is an incredible text-based adventure on mobile devices that explores a strange and dystopian world, with dabs of mysticism for good measure. The black and white aesthetic of the game offers major Dungeons & Dragons vibes with touches of choose-your-own-adventure books.

I absolutely loved my time with this game. The simple interface with its crisp text and formatting made it easy to read the thought-provoking and well thought out story. Each line of text was deliberate and continued to layer the world bit by bit (and me hoping to wish into existence more content from this world). Though the large majority of the game is text where you’re creating the visuals within yourself, there’s occasionally a full screen image to help identify key moments and characters. In addition to the deep lore of the story as its primary gameplay mechanic, there’s also light combat, a sanity meter, and some other actions that can help further the experience. These moments were exciting, and more importantly, kept the story moving on a strong clip. I want to be as vague as possible with the story and gameplay elements because they should be experienced first-hand and could be spoilers the more I explain.

The two hour length was a perfect amount to keep me engaged and attentive. Once I got tired of reading/playing the adventure, I would take a break, then return right into the story. There’s little replayability, that I noticed, but you’re able to backtrack within the text of the story and see if different choices will affect the outcome. I highly recommend this game to fans of fantasy stories who don’t mind reading all the exciting moments. Knights of San Francisco is worth your time and I look forward to more people playing it so we can chat about it!

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Nine Party Games That We’re Bringing To Our Next Party (Gen Con 2019 Edition)

Though Gen Con 2019 was last month, the memories of some amazing games still linger. From video game inspired games, to deep role-playing tabletops, to even fun pick-up-and-play adventures, the options were plentiful. With this, here are nine games that we are absolutely excited to bring to our next Game Night! Continue reading Nine Party Games That We’re Bringing To Our Next Party (Gen Con 2019 Edition)

Marvel, Harry Potter, and Other Goodies from Bulls-I-Toy

It’s been a hot minute since the New York Toy Fair in February of this year. Happily, many of the great goodies shown off from Bulls i Toy are now released or will be getting a release soon, so check out all the fantastic items below:

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Nine Nintendo Switch Games to Ring in 2019

With 2019 just a few hours away, you might be panicking about which games you want to have available for your friends. Worry not! We have you covered with the nine Nintendo Switch games to ring in 2019. Continue reading Nine Nintendo Switch Games to Ring in 2019

Thoughts on Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta

In my first post for Middle of Nowhere Gaming, I talked about the Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta and the sign up for it. At the opinion part of the post I had hoped I would get my hands on a PS4 beta code by the time the beta rolled out; even signed up for three different emails to increase my chances. It seemed lady luck shined her light on me because I got a beta code much to my surprise. When I say surprisingly I mean it because friends I know who are the biggest fans of fighting games did not get one, I was the only one they knew who actually got one.

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Preorders have become a huge problem

The concept of the preorder is as simple as it is popular. Excited about an upcoming game or product? Put some money down and get it the same time it hits store shelves. It was a perfect way for consumers to both express excitement about a release and ensure their place as an early-adopter. There was always an inherent risk to preordering, but recent years have seen the practice becoming increasingly distorted and toxic. From limited supplies to vigilant scalpers, preordering has gone from an insurance policy to a necessity – forcing interested customers to act or be left behind. And that’s just hardware; software preorders continue to lure in potential buyers with exclusive bonuses and heavily doctored trailers. Long story short, preorders are out of control.

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Sonic Mania Review

He’s a maniac

As someone who was born in the twilight of Sonic’s golden age, I’ve forever heard that the blue blur’s best was behind him. While I enjoyed the Advance and Adventure series of the early 2000s, that history was always at the fringe of my consciousness. As the hedgehog struggled to find an identity on rapidly progressing hardware, I found my interest waning, and for good reason. Sonic games became a junkyard of failed gimmicks and awful characters. Press continuously asked if *insert Sonic game here* would break the cycle of mediocrity, but the answer was always no. This is what makes Sonic Mania such an achievement; it not only reminds us of how good Sonic can be, it captures the magic that made us fall in love with him in the first place.

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Every Pixar movie’s chance at Kingdom Hearts 3 glory

The games panel at Disney’s D23 Expo held exciting news for Kingdom Hearts fans, as a 2018 release window was finally revealed alongside a World based on the Pixar classic, Toy Story. This bombshell opens the floodgates for other potential Pixar representation in the beloved crossover series, giving fans plenty to speculate about as we await a closer-than-expected release date. But what other Pixar movies are primed for a visit from Sora and friends in Kingdom Hearts 3? We break down the animation great’s catalog to determine the best fits for the Kingdom Hearts series.

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