Friendly Neighborhood Fanboys 17| Suicide Squad

On this episode the boys give their thoughts on Suicide Squad. Other geeky topics are discussed.

Friendly Neighborhood Fanboys Episode 9| Who should play Cable?

In this episode Chas finally gives the kiss goodnight to Dragon Age: Inquisition, the boys talk this week in tv, and WWE Fastlane results are discussed. In the main event, Chas and Adam go over a list of 30 “great actors”, that one website feels should play Cable.

Friendly Neighborhood Fanboys Episode 8| Chas Jumps the Generation Gap

On this episode Chas talks about his newly acquired Xbox One. The boys talk spoiler free about Deadpool, get hyped for Daredevil season 2 (minor Daredevil Season 1 spoilers), and talk about Dennis Franz’s ass. Plus they give their predictions for WWE Fast Lane.