Killzone Shadow Fall Sells 1 Million

That’s right people! The PlayStation 4 launch title “Killzone Shadowfall” has officially sold one million units! It is the very first PlayStation 4 game to move over one million units. If you remember back during the PlayStation 3 launch, it’s first game to sell over a million copies was another shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man, though Resistance didn’t hit the mark until mid 2007.


This news comes to you courtesy of the NPD, GFK, and several independent trackers from Europe and Western Asia.The one millionth copy was sold immediately after the PlayStation 4’s official launch in Korea on December 17th.


Killzone Shadowfall is available now for the standard price of $60.


My opinion


I’m extremely surprised that the game hit this mark so soon! I don’t have the game myself, but I would like to pick it up soon. Though I am yet to play Killzone 3, unfortunately.

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