Xbox One Struggles With Backwards Compatibility

     All of the dedicated Xbox fans are asking numerous questions about the Xbox One, but the most common one seems to revolve around if they will be able to play their slaved over Xbox 360 games or not. Microsoft’s senior director of Xbox project management and planning, Albert Penello, says that the issues of streaming 360 games through the cloud have been troublesome.

Penello said, “It’s really cool and really problematic, all at the same time, insofar as it’s really super cool if you happen to have the world’s most awesome internet connection. It works way better than you’d expect it to,” Penello said. “So managing quality of service, the tolerance people will have for it being crappy. Can you imagine, in this day and age, with the bad information around, and we can’t control the quality of that experience and make sure it’s good, or have to tell people they can’t do it?”

     “I know we did a lot of work behind it, and we said this is one of the things where the network just has to get better before we can do it. When that happens, you’re going to have a really interesting conversation around that, can I actually run Xbox One games that way as well.”


     “I’ll be really interested to see how our friends in the Bay Area [at PlayStation] deal with this problem. But I can tell you, it’s totally possible. We like it, we’re fans of the cloud. We’re not shy about that.”

Sony will be using Gaikai’s technology for legacy content, however, they were having the same internet connectivity problems as Microsoft.

Jess’s Opinion:

      We all know that the Xbox One will sell a lot, regardless of if it’s backwards compatible or not. However, the console’s ability to play 360 games will deter people from buying it right away. Even if Microsoft has plans to use the cloud to allow 360 games to be played on the Xbox One, it sounds like a true solution to this problem is a ways down the road. Sony also has had the same problems with cloud streaming as well. So, don’t expect your brand-new PS4 or fresh-out-of-the-box Xbox One to be able to play your old games and don’t take a sledgehammer to your PS3 or Xbox 360 just yet. 

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