The Elder Scrolls Online Can Be Played Without PlayStation Plus

Matt Firor has confirmed today that the upcoming game, The Elder Scrolls Online can be played on the PlayStation 4 without a PlayStation+ subscription.

The news comes from the official PlayStation Blog, where Firor went on to confirm that PlayStation 4 players will only have to pay the games standard subscription fee in order to play the game. The same fee that PC & Mac players will have to pay.


Firor also mentioned that North American and European players will be separated between two mega servers, and there will also be no connectivity between console players & PC players. He also mentioned that a beta for the game will be coming to consoles, and said that more information will come in due time.


There is no word on whether or not the Xbox One version will require Xbox Live Gold.


The Elder Scrolls Online launches on April 4th on PC & Mac, and some time in June on the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.


My Opinion

I think it’s absolutely brilliant that you don’t need PS+ to play this one online. I hope that it’s the same way with the Xbox One, though I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not going to be the same way.

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