Gone Home Going Home Console

Friend of MONG, Steve Gaynor, announced today that indie-favorite, Gone Home, will be heading into your home in a new way. Due to a partnership between The Fullbright Company and indie publisher Midnight City, the winner of multiple game-of-the-year nominee will be heading to home consoles near you. At this time, there has been no indication on when, which systems, any additional features, or price point.

My Opinion:

I reviewed Gone Home and am pleased to hear that the game is making its part to the home console sphere. I know a good amount of gamers who have passed up on the experience due to the console release limitations; this game has touched the hearts of many, and will continue to do so with a much larger audience. 

Lou Contaldi is MONG’s Nintendo Specialist and senior editor. He also spends his time habitating a law school. You can follow his incoherent ramblings at Twitter.

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