Thief’s Gaming PC Giveaway!

Do you have a copy of Thief and a way to get content onto YouTube? Well then Eidos-Montréal’s new giveaway is targeted at you!

Eidos-Montréal has announced today that they are giving away a top-spec AMD gaming computer to two “Master Thieves”. How do you manage to prove that? By uploading a Thief video to YouTube, duh!

Eidos-Montréal has stated that the two winners will be selected based off of the following:

  •  The first gaming PC supplied by AMD will be won by the very best video out there, whether it’s funny, silly, clever, creative, controversial or comical – whatever you choose; the video that entertains us the most will win!

  • The second gaming PC supplied by AMD will be won by the person who uploads the most impressive Master Thief video; the very best, most innovative, most Master Thief-ery video out there. Will you leap around in the shadows unnoticed and clear an area of loot in the quickest time possible? Will you be a predator and clear an entire area of guards in a few moves? Will you do a bit of both? The choice is yours!

The only condition to the content of the videos is that it MUST have “The Master Thief Competition” in the title.

My Opinion

If there is one thing I love more than games, it’s giveaways. This is some fantastic publicity for a game that has had mostly middle of the road reviews. Can’t way to see what the community manages to come up with.


Check out Edios Montréal’s community post on the topic, detailing the press release made earlier today!

Lou Contaldi is MONG’s Nintendo Specialist and senior editor. He also spends his time habitating a law school. You can follow his incoherent ramblings at Twitter.


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