Prodigy Officially Kickstarted

Skylanders and Disney Infinity, move out of the way! Hanakai Studios’s Prodigy is a new figurine based game, and it is aiming for the hardcore RPG market by storm.Hanakai Studios’s Prodigy is a new figurine based game, and it is aiming for the hardcore RPG market by storm.

Only five days ago Hanakai Studios launched their Kickstarter campaign for Prodigy, the up-and-coming tactical RPG figurine-based game. Fast forward three days and the project had already surpassed its $100,000 goal and is on to stretch goals. So what is Prodigy and why are people going crazy over it?

Prodigy, in its attempt to bring NFC figurine based games to the “hardcore” gaming market, is attempting to merge complex turn-based RPG elements, a detailed fantasy story and card battles. The starter set comes with a physical board (used to register the NFC figurines and cards), faction figurines, action cards, and a “Symbol of Power” (a ring that stores profile, achievement and story information. The gameplay is focused on squad-based combat on the physical board–side stepping the need for a keyboard, mouse or controller. Commands to the figurines are given through the NFC cards, which can order an attack, defense, special attack, etc.

While the game is only currently being developed for the PC, Hanakai is hoping to target Mac, Linux, PlayStation, Nintendo and Microsoft consoles (depending on stretch-goals met). The game is to be released near the end of 2015.

My Opinion

I cannot tell you how excited I am for Prodigy. As an adult that grew up watching Yu-Gi-Oh! and dreamt of one day seeing hologram gaming, this is the next best thing. Further, I feel awkward putting money down on  Skylanders and Disney Infinity as a grown adult–this will give me the perfect excuse to help support the emerging genre. Am I a backer to this Kickstarter? Hell yeah! And you should be too.

Lou Contaldi is MONG’s Nintendo Specialist and senior editor. He also spends his time habitating a law school. You can follow his incoherent ramblings at Twitter.


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