Alienware’s Steam Machine to Have Small Profit Margins

Frank Azor, Alienware’s general manager, recently spoke with The Wall Street Journal regarding his company’s upcoming Steam Machine.

Azor told the Journal that the Alienware Steam Machine will “absolutely be the least profitable system we ever sell.” Alienware has not yet set a price for their Steam Machine; they stated that it will be priced competitively with next-gen consoles. Alienware is expecting to release their Steam Machines this fall.

My Opinion:

I think the Alienware Steam Machine will likely be pretty powerful for the price. If the company is looking to cut profits to get their foot in the door, then the buyers will benefit the most. However, it will be challenging for Alienware to find a good price-point that competes with Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Kinect-free Xbox One. Either way it goes, I know that having more choice on how to play games is a good thing.


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