Entwined Released Today For PlayStation 4

In a surprise announcement from Sony at their E3 press conference, Entwined was revealed for the PS4 and is available now.


Sony also revealed a trailer for the game and explained a few features. It will be a unique experience wherein you control two characters simultaneously with the dual analog sticks on the DualShock 4 controller.


The plot of the game revolves around two creatures in love who can never be together. They will progress through an additive sequence of objects until they can combine to form a dragon.

Entwined 3

The game is $9.99 now for PlayStation 4, and will soon be available as CrossBuy for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.


My Opinion:


This game looks intriguing. I was a fan of Flow (which Entwined reminds me of), but it was a lot more laid back and simplistic than this one. I’ll likely be picking this game up when I get my PS4.

Dustin LaRoe is pretty awful at games. If you want proof, watch him on Twitch as Guy105.  His Gamertag and Steam ID are Guy 105.


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