Darksiders 3 is still a Possibility

The fate of the Darksiders franchise has been up in the air lately. THQ went bankrupt in 2012 and auctioned off Darksiders to Nordic Games in 2013, leaving those who worked for Vigil Games to the fend for themselves. After an unpaid 18 month stint with Crytek, what remained of the founding team left to form their own studio called Gunfire Games.

Now their own independent studio, Gunfire Games is looking for its next project, and according to an interview with Polygon, that could be a return to Darksiders.

[Darksiders 3] is one of the options we are exploring…But we don’t want to jump into something immediately. We want to weigh our options.” Gunfire Games founder David Adams said. The fresh studio has spoken with Nordic Games about returning to the IP.

“We have a couple of good ideas. One of them is for an original idea, one is to work on an established IP. A couple of alternatives [are] more about helping other projects.”

“We want to build upon what we’ve done on the past…Third-person, games with a lot of characters, adventure aspects, player progression, hunt cool bosses, fantastical creatures.

That sounds like more Darksiders to me!

My Opinion:

I love the Darksiders games, and I know there’s so much more to do with that universe and its set of characters. Watching the fall of THQ and the auctioning off of this franchise has been painful, and to see the creative team behind it moved around and splintered has been frustrating. But, now there is hope! Nordic Games hasn’t announced anything concrete about a Darksiders 3, so maybe they’ll let Gunfire Games take up the mantle and continue. I really, really hope so.

Chad Waller is an Associate Writer for MONG who has lots of opinions. He’s currently working on a video game (help him Kickstart it!) and sometimes likes to write stuff.

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