Limited Edition MONG 50 Shirts For Sale!

As you probably have already seen, next week marks the 50th episode of the MONG Podcast.  One of the ways we are celebrating Episode 50 is by putting up a bunch of limited edition MONG t-shirts for sale.  These t-shirts will only be available for the next two weeks.  

If you want to place an order, you will need to email us with which front and back shirt options you want, your shirt size, and your full address.  You can reach us at

After we confirm all of this with you, we will send you a link to our PayPal account so that you can pay for it.  Immediately after the payment is confirmed we will order the shirt to be shipped to your address.  We make no money out of this, the prices below are the exact prices it costs to print and ship the shirts.

Style Shirt Cost Tax Shipping Total
Front Only $6.99 $1.50 $4.99 $13.50
Front and Back $11.99 $1.50 $4.99 $18.50
  • If you want a XXL shirt, it costs an extra $1.75.
  • The shipping listed above is for standard shipping of 8 business days.  If you want it guaranteed sooner, it will cost extra.
  • International shipping may also cost extra. We can discuss it through email if you want one.

You can pick ANY of the following options to be on the front OR back of your shirts.  You can also order as many combinations as you wish.

Option 1:

Shirt Option 1

Option 2:

Shirt Option 2

 Option 3:

Option 3

Option 4:

Shirt Option 4

Option 5:

Shirt Option 5

Option 6:

shirt option 6

Option 7:

shirt option 7

Option 8:

shirt option 8

Option 9:

shirt option 9

Option 10:

shirt option 10

Option 11:

shirt option 11

Option 12:

shirt option 12

Option 13:shirt option 13

Option 14:

shirt option 14

Option 15:

shirt option 15

Option 16:

shirt option 16

Option 17:

shirt option 17

Option 18:

shirt option 18

Option 19:

shirt option 19

Option 20:

shirt option 20

Option 21:

Option 21

We hope you like designs and order a shirt or two!  I know a few of us on the team are ordering some!

Again, email us which option you want on the front and which on the back, your shirt size, and your full address.

Thank you once again for supporting us for the last year! It has been a fun 49 episodes so far! I look forward to another 50 after this!


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