Monster Hunter Wii U Was a “Misprint”

Late last week, many Twitter users tweeted out photos from Connichi, a large anime and cosplay convention in Germany. However, one user named Tony posted what appeared to be photos of Monster Hunter 4 displays with the Wii U logo.


Capcom Associate Online/Community Specialist, Yuri Araujo, responded to reporter emails stating,

“I’ve seen those too. It’s a misprint. MH4U is still 3DS-only. We’re working out a proper message to defuse this, so we should have something more public and official out soon.”

My Opinion:

Although this is all speculation, the use of the phrasing “still 3DS-only” rather than simply “3DS-only” and the need for a second public and official “proper message” suggests that this may be more than a misprint, and that MH4 is coming to Wii U eventually.

Darwin Leuba is an Associate Writer at MONG. You can follow him on Twitter @darwinleuba as he revels in other awesome and semi-comedic exploits.


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